Green Week is an International Program that takes place in Costa Rica. It is designed for students ages 12-16 that are enrolled in SEK International Schools.

Beginning on March 9th-18th, students will discover the environmental richness of Costa Rica and its extraordinary natural resources through a program full of activities.

It is an unforgettable experience in which the participants will share with students from other schools. They will acquire environmental knowledge from their surroundings, also it will encourage the value of respect and tolerance for the environment.

Upon their arrival until the end of the itinerary, students will be accommodated with SEK International Costa Rica families in order to dive into the culture of the country.


The tours in the touristic zones will take place from March 13th-March 17th. During the tours, students will be accompanied by teacher staff of SEK International Institution. They will be assisted by bilingual environmental educators and a paramedic.

Green Week Agenda

Day 1


Guided tour

Tour on boat in Lake Arenal

Lunch in La Fortuna de San Carlos

Use of hot spring pools in Hotel Montaña de Fuego installations

Dinner in Hotel Montaña de Fuego

1 night stay in Hotel Montaña de Fuego

Day 2


Traditional breakfast in Hotel Montaña de Fuego (located in La Fortuna de San Carlos)

Cable Car. A 15-minute cable car ride where students can admire the flora and fauna of the area until they reach the highest part of the mountain

Canopy: It is an emotional circuit of zip lines that begin at the top of the mountain and consists of 7 cables that measure 200 meters in height and 750 meters in longitude, where students can admire the mountains and surroundings

Lunch in Hotel Montaña de Fuego

Dinner at Hotel Pacifica (located in Guanacaste)

One night stay in Hotel Pacifica

Day 3


Traditional breakfast in Hotel la Pacifica

Adventure in Hacienda Guachipelín: One Day Adventure Pass includes: canopy, tubing, hot springs, Río Negro, horseback riding and lunch

Lunch in Hacienda Guachipelín

First night in Wyndham Tamarindo: three/four students per room

Day 4


Traditional breakfast in Hotel Wyndham Tamarindo

Lunch at Restaurante La Kitchen Tamarindo

Snorkel Tour

Tour on boat at Tamarindo Beach. Students will snorkel in the ocean. This includes life jackets. Afterwards, students can observe the dolphins in the area

Dinner at Hotel Wyndham Tamarindo

Second night stay at Wyndham Hotel in Tamarindo

Day 5


Breakfast in Hotel Wyndham Tamarindo

Visita a Ponderosa Adventure Park

Safari Tour: An interactive vehicle our with giraffes, zebras, ostriches, watusi cattle, etc

Lunch at Ponderosa Adventure Park

Return to San José